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Today’s Topic: Exploding Colons

My kitchen reno is temporarily on hold (a few key things are missing—like doorknobs and radiators—but the construction crew is digging basements for new houses before winter hits, so I must be patient).

The good news: Today, I get to discuss two true heroes in the medical world—Dr. Emmanuel Ben-Soussan and Dr. Michel Antonietti. These brave men have done what no one else dared to do—they’ve solved the mystery of why colons explode. Continue reading

Forget the Nobel Prize,
I’d love an Ig Nobel Prize!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could win a Nobel Prize for proving that herring communicate by farting at each other? Well, you can’t—the Nobel Prize committee has no interest in gassy fish. Thankfully, you can win an Ig Nobel Prize. That’s what happened to Ben Wilson and Lawrence Dill, two Canadian professors who won the Ig Nobel Prize for Biology in 2004 for this fascinating farting discovery.

The Ig Nobel Prize ceremonies have been held at Harvard University Continue reading

The Cabbage Soup Experiment: Day Two (The Cabbages of Wrath)

Okay, a quick recap: yesterday was Day One of the Cabbage Soup Experiment. During that first day, I managed to botch the soup—by adding 12 cups of onions and forgetting the cabbage—and then I transformed myself into a bloated, walrus-like creature by eating two enormous bowls of the stuff before the veggies were properly cooked.

But I woke up optimistic. Today—day two—had to be better. First of all, the second day of the Cabbage Soup Diet starts with a baked potato. True, you can’t add sour cream, butter or any other dollops of delicious awesomeness, but at least it’s a baked potato. Unfortunately, Continue reading

Three Stupidly Simple Ways to
Improve Your Health (Part I)

I’m busy—really busy. I’m also quite lazy. So although I want to live a long, healthy life, I’m secretly hoping I can pull it off without having to make any drastic changes to my diet or lifestyle. That’s why I’m always on the look-out for “cheats”—simple health tricks with massive health payoffs. I’m assuming you’re as lazy as me (at least I hope you are—I’d hate to think I’m the only flawed human online), so I’ll be passing these nuggets along as I find them. Here are the first three Continue reading