Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Horror of Christmas Crafting

Last week, I decided to try my hand at picture framing—I decided to try one of those DIY projects that I love to watch on decorating shows. All things considered, I think it went pretty well. And by “all things considered,” I mean that I still have 10 fingers and the vacuum is working, again.

Here’s what happened: I’d been given some old black and white photos of my parents (their baby pictures, pictures from when they were dating—that sort of thing). Continue reading

Fast and Furry-ous

It’s almost Christmas. Which means—as it does every year—that the furry little jerks are sneaking indoors, again.

Wednesday morning, I found a dead mouse in the living room. My two cats—who had managed to kill the mouse, even though they’re old, fat and declawed—sat proudly nearby. I picked up the mouse and did my heebie-jeebie dance to the garbage can. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. Continue reading