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For your amusement: Chapter 1 of…
The Day I Washed My Face in the Toilet

Well, I haven’t found another mouse since my last posting (Kill Bill Volume 3: Coming Soon to a Cutlery Drawer Near You), so I thought it might be time for a little silliness. Here, I’m posting chapter 1 of my early teen novel, The Day I Washed My Face in the Toilet. If it catches your eye, and if you might consider posting a quick review on amazon (no obligation, of course!), please let me know and I’ll send you a free copy of the book. I hope this gives you a giggle. I also hope someone can explain why I can’t indent paragraphs in a blog – urgh!

Chapter 1: We call him Dementia Boy

Edward was naked, of course, except for the polka dot bandana he always wore like a mask on these special occasions. And he was using the upstairs bathroom window, this time — the puny one over the toilet — so I should have been spared the worst of the show. No such luck. By climbing on the toilet and turning his back to the window, he could press his butt against the glass, mooning me (and anyone else who happened to be looking). Then he’d crouch, spin around and wave — Dementia Boy in a polka dot mask — before starting his I’m-a-dork routine all over again.

Butt…polka dots…butt…polka dots…

If anyone discovered a drug that could cure what was wrong with my brother, they’d make millions. Continue reading