Monthly Archives: February 2018

Things I Didn’t Know About the Olympics

I’m sitting here sipping a hot cup of mud (that’s turmeric tea—a brew that I highly recommend if you’ve already lost the will to live). I’m doing this because, a few nights ago, I watched the Canadian women’s hockey team compete in the Olympic games and now I’m inspired. Not to play hockey, of course—that would be ridiculous. The last time I put on skates, Continue reading

Oh, Murphy…you hateful bastard

A few days ago, one of my kids stopped by for a visit. On his way out, he started coughing uncontrollably.

“Huh,” the cocky lobe of my brain thought. “It’s been four years since I’ve been sick. I must be quite healthy.”

“You shouldn’t even think that!” my anxiety lobe screamed. “You’ve heard of Murphy’s Law, haven’t you?” Continue reading