Monthly Archives: December 2017

My 6 New Year’s resolutions…and why you should make some

A lot of people aren’t making New Year’s resolutions this year. I think they should. New Year’s resolutions give you the opportunity to look ahead and mull over exactly how much you’re willing to change in a 12-month period. Here are my resolutions for 2018:

1. I will accept, and even embrace, my total dependence on caffeine to get through the day, and wine to self-medicate in the evenings. Continue reading

Jazz up your New Year’s Eve…
by throwing something

Champagne, parties, fattening food…there are a lot of things we associate with New Year’s Eve. But if you’d like to try something new—and you like throwing stuff—here are some fun traditions to consider:

Tired of your dishes? In Denmark, people grab their ugliest plates and bowls, then skulk around on New Year’s Eve throwing them at the front doors of their friends. Apparently, Continue reading