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The Ten Commandments
For Taking Young Children Visiting

When childless couples are invited for dinner, they wonder what type of wine they should take, and whether the evening will be worth missing The Big Bang. When couples with young children are invited for dinner, they wonder if their hosts have stair blockers, safety locks and toys. They wonder if the couch is washable, if the china, booze and toxic chemicals will be out of reach, and whether the evening will be worth missing The Big Bang. For those of you who want to actually enjoy your evenings out, even though your family has expanded, here’s my advice:


1. Do Not Awaken a Sleeping Child To Go Visiting

Children — like their parents — can be short-tempered, uncooperative and clumsy when deprived of sleep. Children who miss their naps can reach such a frenzied state of activity that they run into walls, empty plant pots, throw breakable objects and peel wallpaper. Continue reading

Creepy Crawly Invaders
and Why I Hate Them

I was faced with an unexpected moral dilemma when we had kids. How could I explain why Mommy turned every eight-legged creature that invaded our home into insect puree? Telling a child, “It’s wrong to hurt living things…but spiders don’t count because Mommy hates them,” won’t even fool a toddler.

So I made a Bug Box—a small insect condo with cardboard walls and a removable roof (furniture is optional, but I wouldn’t recommend windows). My theory was Continue reading