Monthly Archives: October 2017

Yes, I AM Tired of Learning the Hard Way (thanks for asking)

“A dishwasher is not a garbage disposal. Scrape off plates before you put them in there, you bonehead.”

Those are wise words from my dad. Wise words that I probably should have listened to years ago. However—much like a toddler who ignores parental warnings, then runs face-first into a wall—I boldly embarked on dishwasher ownership with a risqué attitude and more optimism than brains. Continue reading

The Case of the Suicidal Pastry

Remember my pie crust fiasco last week? Well, a friend on Goodreads heard about it and offered his pie crust recipe…under the condition that he remain anonymous so women would not start throwing themselves at him. Desperate, I agreed to his condition.

I now have Anonymous Man’s Pastry Recipe (I’ve included it below). This has turned out to be Continue reading