My 6 New Year’s resolutions…and why you should make some

A lot of people aren’t making New Year’s resolutions this year. I think they should. New Year’s resolutions give you the opportunity to look ahead and mull over exactly how much you’re willing to change in a 12-month period. Here are my resolutions for 2018:

1. I will accept, and even embrace, my total dependence on caffeine to get through the day, and wine to self-medicate in the evenings.

2. My blog posts will continue to be erratic and devoid of any true social meaning. You’re welcome.

3. I will take my vitamins if I remember.

4. I will brag about how cute my cats are, despite the fact that one is so fat it looks like a hairy hot water bottle.

5. I will wear pajamas as often as possible and for as long as possible.

6. I will continue to eat for pleasure and then complain about my weight.

There, was that so hard? Let me know what your resolutions are—or steal mine. I don’t mind.

9 thoughts on “My 6 New Year’s resolutions…and why you should make some

  1. Sandy Kenny

    I resolve to be as random and weird as possible, which isn’t hard for me. I resolve to receive from and give hugs daily to my 12 year old son until July 26th…that’s when he turns 13. I how to continue to hide chocolate throughout the house…you never know when a chocolate emergency might arise…although I will attempt to remember to remove it from the hiding space in the minivan when the weather warms up (a bag of melted Hershey’s kisses are gross). I resolve to continue to hoard coupons to my favorite liquor store (yes, MY liquor store has coupons!). I have more, but I need to leave for work soon, lol.

  2. Arnold Forsyth

    Brenda: Your New Years “commitments” are very reasonable and as an “old” Family friend I encourage you to follow them. Something I could not do! Limitations on “chocolate consumptions” may not advisable as it has been rumored that chocolate can be detrimental to your growth!
    However, it is important for you and your Family to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. Dad

    Two thoughts …

    1) I thought New Year’s Resolutions were supposed to be abut CHANGES a person planned to make.

    2) You shouldn’t be complaining about the fat cat (#4). Moo-Fat-So is just doing as you resolve in #6, except that he isn’t complaining!

    1. Brenda Post author

      Okay, I see your point about #2. Moo-Fat-So is probably doing a better job at #6 than I am. But who ever said New Year’s Resolutions HAD to be about changes? Can’t it just be about maintaining the status quo and not sliding into bedlam??

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