The Case of the Suicidal Pastry

Remember my pie crust fiasco last week? Well, a friend on Goodreads heard about it and offered his pie crust recipe…under the condition that he remain anonymous so women would not start throwing themselves at him. Desperate, I agreed to his condition.

I now have Anonymous Man’s Pastry Recipe (I’ve included it below). This has turned out to be Continue reading

Meet Sir PoopsAlot

It’s one of the most pressing questions facing humanity: What color is Antarctic penguin poo? An intrepid group of researchers from England’s University of Cambridge has donned their thermal undies and sacrificed three months of their lives in order to answer this question for us. Continue reading

Today’s Topic: Exploding Colons

My kitchen reno is temporarily on hold (a few key things are missing—like doorknobs and radiators—but the construction crew is digging basements for new houses before winter hits, so I must be patient).

The good news: Today, I get to discuss two true heroes in the medical world—Dr. Emmanuel Ben-Soussan and Dr. Michel Antonietti. These brave men have done what no one else dared to do—they’ve solved the mystery of why colons explode. Continue reading

Something’s Bugging Me

Did you know that for just $24 you can buy 1,000 baby praying mantises? I’m tempted.

My basement was a little damp last week. And by “a little damp” I mean I spent two days lugging buckets of water up the stairs and dumping them outside. If you’ve always wanted an indoor swimming pool, here’s what you’ll need [I’ll get to the praying mantises in a second]:
1. A torrential downpour that lasts six hours Continue reading

Day 32 of My Kitchen Reno:
Time Flies When You’re Eating…Flies

Yes, it’s been a month. A month without a kitchen, laundry room, powder room and mudroom. A month of “cooking” in the basement and washing dishes in the bathtub. You’ll find last week’s whiney comments about this self-inflicted renovation here. And what have I learned during this week of nonstop drywalling?

*Reality shows aren’t real
I’ve become disillusioned with a certain home reno show that I used to love—let’s call it Sister vs. Sister. Continue reading